Metro UK: Natalie Dormer Interview

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Natalie Dormer, 31, is leaving her bodices from The Tudors and game of Thrones behind to star with James McAvoy in the radio dramatisation of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere

So why are you in Croatia? I’m doing Game Of Thrones [as Margery Tyrell]. Dubrovnik is one of our locations. It’s nice work if you can get it.

Is Game Of Thrones fun? There are like a million people in the cast, aren’t there? Yes, it is. We’re a huge family and the joy of it is you get to watch it as a fan because there are so many characters and storylines that a lot of the time you don’t really know what’s going on.

You were Anne Boleyn – everything you do seems to involve a bodice… In the two US shows that people know me for – Game Of Thrones and The Tudors – it’s about the long skirt and dark hair but I’m getting to the stage where, thanks to being in TV drama Elementary, Ridley Scott’s The Counsellor, Ron Howard’s Rush and the radio drama Neverwhere, I’m breaking out of that. It’s funny, you celebrate the stuff you do that’s successful but then, like any professional, you achieve a level in a certain box and you’re scrambling to get out of it.

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Vanity Fair: Natalie on “Game of Thrones”

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There was a subtle power shift last season on Game of Thrones when Margaery Tyrell—the cunning noblewoman played by Natalie Dormer—toyed with King Joffrey’s crossbow inside his bedchamber. Viewers had previously seen the ambitious beauty vow to become queen, relocate to the capital, King’s Landing, and win the hearts of its masses. Now that she was wedding their ruler, the future queen caressed Joffrey’s favorite weapon, making it clear that she would not be intimidated by him or his boyish sadism, and effectively checking her (future) mate.

When not finessing television’s most merciless monarch, Dormer has been busy lately. After outsmarting Sherlock Holmes himself on ABC’s Elementary as Moriarty last May, the British actress seduces both Chris Hemsworth, in Ron Howard’s Rush this month, and Brad Pitt, in Ridley Scott’s The Counselor. But as Dormer told us when we spoke last month—shortly before it was announced that she had been cast in The Hunger Games’ final two installments as Cressida—she’s keen to leave behind the clever-love-interest roles and emulate her favorite movie stars of the 40s. To coincide with our Spotlight of Dormer in V.F.’s November issue, we’ve transcribed our full Q&A with the Hunger Games—Mockingjay co-star, below. (At the very end, Game of Thrones fans, note a semi-significant Season Four spoiler about Margaery and Joffrey.)
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SCA District: Natalie Dormer Plays the Q&A

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Natalie Dormer did what many would call the impossible: she caused more buzz than the entire cast of “The Vampire Diaries” combined at her Q&A on Oct 29. Students packed into the chairs, lined the walls, and even lingered in the hallway for a chance to hear her advice on acting during the Savannah Film Festival.

“Wow, this isn’t overwhelming at all,” said Dormer looking at the crowd.

“Just a chat between a few friends,” quipped professor Andra Reeve-Rabb, her interviewer.

Immediately, Dormer wanted to dive into sharing the nitty-gritty of working in the industry. She explained that she learned her most important lesson just three months out of drama school.

“I found myself in Venice with Jeremy Irons, and Heath Ledger, Sienna Miller — an incredible cast. And Disney gave me a three-picture deal, and my agent was like, ‘this is incredible, that’s what Knightley’s got. You’re home and dry,’” said Dormer. “Then Disney didn’t exercise their deal with me, and I found myself unemployed for nine and a half months. So the biggest lesson I learned straight away was to never take anything for granted.”
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Collider: Natalie & Sophie Turner Interview

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HBO’s epic masterpiece Game of Thrones is back for Season 3, with bigger battles, devastating betrayals and more deaths, as everyone fights for control of the Iron Throne. Now that magic is growing stronger and the dragons have been let loose, there’s no telling who might be in jeopardy or in power next.

At the show’s press day, co-stars Sophie Turner (“Sansa Stark”) and Natalie Dormer (“Margaery Tyrell”) talked about how nice Jack Gleeson is versus how much people hate King Joffrey, how the relationship between Sansa and Margaery will evolve in Season 3, what it was like to work with Diana Rigg (“Olenna”), how Sansa has found her strength after the Battle of Blackwater, what sort of relationship both women will have with Cersei (Lena Headey), how much of the books they’ve read, that the actors get together in Belfast for a read-through of five episodes over two days before each season starts shooting, how they feel like fans of the show themselves, and how much of an effect the success of Game of Thrones has had on them. Check out what they had to say after the jump, and be aware that there are some spoilers.
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Evening Standard: Natalie Dormer on playing England’s naughtiest queens

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The real beauty of being an actor is the huge cross-section of projects you can work on,’ says Natalie Dormer. And she should know. This year alone, Natalie has spent six months playing a sensual turn-of-the-century Viennese woman in Sweet Nothings at the Young Vic, portrayed the young Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (the Queen Mother) in Madonna’s Wallis Simpson film, been a junior barrister in the BBC’s new courtroom drama series Silk and a sassy Second World War American private in the giant-budget Captain America, alongside Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell and Samuel L Jackson.

Now Natalie, 28, is slumming it on a basement stage at the Hampstead Theatre as Pat, a working-class New Yorker in a violent relationship in a new play, .45, by American writer Gary Lennon, and our conversation is occasionally interrupted by the noise of hammering and sawing from on-stage as the company struggles through a technical rehearsal. ‘It’s real grit-and-sawdust stuff,’ Natalie enthuses, coiling up on the sofa in her working outfit of leggings, cosy boots and layers of wool. ‘I’ve played a lot of elegance and refinement, so to do something really down and dirty is a great attraction. Pat is very “legs apart”.’
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Dormer and the City

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One of the biggest strengths of City of Life is its multi-ethnic ensemble cast. Emirati director Ali F. Mostafa brought on board a set of eclectic actors from across the globe and planted them in Dubai for over a month to shoot his ambitious feature film. tabloid! asked British actress Natalie Dormer — who played Anne Boleyn in the costume drama The Tudors — about her impressions of Dubai.

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‘The Tudors’-alumna actress Natalie Dormer

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Natalie Dormer is so cool it might just blow your mind. Her portrayal of Anne Boleyn on the Tudors already has much of the television-viewing public loving and or lusting after her, but it was undeniably excellent to be able to interview her if only because her answers have made me love her even more than I already did. She is historically aware, erudite, etcetera, etcetera, and her answers are really great to read, so, well, go forth and do so.

The bulk of your career thus far has revolved around historical projects. Why is this?
It just worked out that a couple of high profile historical projects were offered to me in the early years of my career. You don’t turn down a great job because it requires a corset and you’ve worn one before. I consider each project on individual merit.
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The Inquirer – Dormer plays Anne Boleyn

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Natalie Dormer plays Anne Boleyn in ‘The Tudors
Vanessa Redgrave, Genevieve Bujold, Natalie Portman, Helena Bonham Carter are just a few of the respected actresses who have tackled the controversial role of Anne Boleyn, whose marriage to King Henry VIII in the 16th century led to a political and religious revolution in England.

Now comes Natalie Dormer, who plays Anne to Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s Henry VIII in ‘The Tudors,’ a 10-part miniseries premiering on HBO Signature on Sept. 8. The miniseries continues on Sept. 9 at 10 p.m. with four episodes and concludes on Sept. 10 at 10 p.m. with the last four episodes.
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Time Warner Cable – Royal Flush

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Royal Flush – A conversation with The Tudors‘ Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer, a classically trained actor and self-proclaimed tomboy, does a great job hiding her boyish side in her current role as Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boleyn, in SHOWTIME’s The Tudors. While she graced the big screen in the 2005 romance, Casanova, she’s still barely scratched the surface of her range and talent in her blossoming career.

As Ms. Dormer sipped a cup of tea, she took the time to speak with Time Warner Cable’s Marnee Horesh from her flat in England. They discussed her knack for experiments in the kitchen, the upcoming season of The Tudors, and how she secured the nickname ‘The Queen’ among her poker buddies.

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The Metro – Tudors Beauty

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Actress Natalie Dormer, 24, played Anne Boleyn in the recent BBC bodice-ripping drama, The Tudors, where she faced several sex scenes with co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This marked Natalie’s first big break in her acting career, although she previously appeared in Casanova and Rebus. The Tudors series one is out on DVD now.
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