Interview – Natalie Dormer: the scene-stealer…

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… who puts the edge in the screen’s most talked-about corset flick

Natalie Dormer’s first big film role involves two of her favorite things: history and playing with long, shiny blades. The 23-year-old Londoner stars alongside Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller in Lasse Hallstrom’s new 17th-century period comedy, Casanova, which tracks the exploits of legendary Venetian lover Giacomo Casanova (Ledger), a ladies’ man who avoids prosecution by the Inquisition for his voracious sex drive by promising to marry–and remain faithful to–one woman, Victoria, played to scene-stealing effect by Dormer.

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Mail on Sunday – Casanova Girl Won Me Over

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There’s definitely something bewitching about Natalie Dormer. She’s the almond-eyed ingenue who stars opposite Sienna Miller and Heath Ledger in the swashbuckling romp Casanova, which opens next week. I saw the film in Venice (where director Lasse Hallstrom shot the movie). When Natalie, beautifully gowned and blonde locks swept up, glided gracefully across the screen with a sword in her hand, I turned to the stranger next to me and exclaimed:”Wow! Where did that girl come from?”

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