The Metro – Tudors Beauty

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Actress Natalie Dormer, 24, played Anne Boleyn in the recent BBC bodice-ripping drama, The Tudors, where she faced several sex scenes with co-star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. This marked Natalie’s first big break in her acting career, although she previously appeared in Casanova and Rebus. The Tudors series one is out on DVD now.
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Sony Magazine – Meet Natalie Dormer

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The star of The Tudors chats to Jon Wilde about being a black sheep, playing temptresses and whether Henry VIII was the first rock star

Right now, Natalie Dormer’s star is rapidly in the ascendant. Having made her screen debut alongside Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller in 2005’s steamy swashbuckler, Casanova, she has now made her big-time breakthrough playing a seductive Anne Boleyn in Showtime’s acclaimed TV series, The Tudors. A runaway hit in the US, The Tudors breaks with the staid conventions of period drama and resembles a 16th-century version of The Sopranos, with lashings of sex, violence and sinister intrigue. Dormer plays a pivotal part, her character’s pursuit of Henry VIII leading to a volatile marriage and England’s tumultuous break with the Roman Catholic Church. Natalie, who’s 24, studied ballet, jazz and modern dance from the age of three, and first developed into an accomplished mezzo-soprano singer. She moved to London at the age of 18 to study stage drama, and won a series of theatre roles before her movie and TV career hit the ground running. Sony Magazine finds her in Dublin, where she’s filming the second season of The Tudors.
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The Times Online – She Won’t Loose Her Head

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She won’t lose her head. She’s a brilliant Anne Boleyn, but there is so much more to admire in Natalie Dormer

There are certain things you expect from a young British actress who has stepped from drama school straight onto a Hollywood movie set  especially if she’s a traffic-stopping brunette with diamond-slicing cheekbones. She’ll be pleasant, she’ll be slightly vague, she’ll talk about the craft and she won’t get any jokes.

What you don;t expect, if she’s playing Anne Boleyn, is a detailed analysis of the geopolitical situation in 16th-century Europe, with quotes such as: “The Reformation is difficult to explain to modern audiences. It was a social and religious revolution where faith and politics were synonymous. Anne Boleyn was like a communist marrying the president of the United States. Henry thought he was the supreme embodiment of God on earth. Why should he answer to the Pope? And how do you argue with people who say, ‘This is God’s will’ whether that is Henry VIII or an Islamic terrorist?”

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The Telegraph – The Magnificent Seven

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They’re the new generation of British actresses  and we think they’re going to be BIG. But just remember who introduced you to these starlets-in-the-making.

It’s a beautiful January morning in Mayfair when seven of Britain’s hottest young actresses arrive for the Stella shoot. In a matter of minutes the room is buzzing with the snap of stilettos, the purr of hairdryers and excited debate over make-up styles and the merits of Manolos. Pick of the bunch (left to right): Natalie Dormer, Jaime Winstone, Rebecca Hall, Sophia Myles, Rachel Hurd-Wood, Clemency Burton-Hill and Claire-Hope Ashitey

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Hot List – The Tudors

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Fiercely entrancing, Natalie Dormer impresses fans with her clever approach to acting which separates her from contemporaries. Ultimately, she makes positive impact on the show The Tudors with her sophisticated beauty and quirky performance.
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